Human Eye Explorer for companies

Especially for companies, Human Eye Explorer offers a range of applications. In product trainings and education, Human Eye Explorer facilitates the learning and understanding of anatomy and anatomical connections. By interacting with the 3D model, all relevant areas of the human eye, until nerves and vessels, can be focused from all perspectives.

Human Eye Explorer with your products

Show technical details and operating principles by the help of Human Eye Explorer and explain unique selling points with animated sequences.
Convince easily in a visually appealing manner.

We customize for you

  • Integration of customized 3D animations to show your product’s USP
  • Media library with your content (product information, images, videos and more)
  • User interface according to your CI
  • Additional anatomies / pathologies
  • Specific structures

Dynamic presentations

Create unique and dynamic presentations, label and colorize arbitrary structures and share your presentations with your team.
Present your products vividly, anywhere and anytime – at conferences or at your client visits.

Human Eye Explorer with your content

  • Media library with your content (product information, articles, videos and more)
  • Integration of images, photos and graphics

Flexible licenses

Human Eye Explorer is available in different variations. Combine licenses, depending on the scope of functions for your employees and locations.

Your benefits


  • Share knowledge clearly and vividly
  • Increase success by visual learning
  • Teach modern and interactive


  • Give exciting and dynamic presentations
  • Explain content individually
  • Share your presentations


  • Show your product’s features in 3D
  • Available always and everywhere
  • Facilitate your product demo