Human Eye Explorer for me

Are you a doctor, optician or teacher? Human Eye Explorer helps you to communicate basic anatomical knowledge in a modern and interactive way. Benefit from a unique 3D environment that allows you to show all important structures, including cells, from every angle. Explain processes within the eye in an easy and understandable way.

You are a trainee or student? Learn about the anatomy of the eye and its cells in a way, that textbook illustrations do not offer. Human Eye Explorer helps you to understand the spatial arrangement of structures by interacting with the 3D model and its components. Take a look at specific structures from all perspectives.

Patient education

Do you want to inform customers or patients and take away their fears? Help your customers or patients to understand which regions of the eye are treated and what is important in the treatment. Use helpful tools, such as the labeling, coloring, or cutting to highlight important structures.

Human Eye Explorer with your content

  • Media library with your content (product information, images, videos and more)
  • Additional anatomies / pathologies
  • Specific structures

Dynamic presentations

Create unique and dynamic presentations and share them with others. Interact with the 3D model during your presentation and be flexible in your performance.

Flexible licenses

Human Eye Explorer is available in different variations. Choose your license, depending on the scope of functions.

Your benefits


  • Share knowledge clearly and vividly
  • Increase success by visual learning
  • Teach modern and interactive


  • Give exciting and dynamic presentations
  • Explain content individually
  • Share your presentations